Auktionsbericht Euro Auctions, Dormagen – Der deutsche Gebrauchtmaschinenmarkt bleibt auch 2022 stabil mit hoher Nachfrage

Der Markt für gebrauchte Maschinen und landwirtschaftliche Geräte in Deutschland hat sich im Jahr 2022 positiv entwickelt.

Given the lack of new equipment from original equipment manufacturers, demand was high in 2022 and buyers in Europe focused on the used equipment at Euro Auctions in Dormagen. Due to the high resale value and lack of equipment on the market, Dormagen was very popular with buyers, especially as the Euro Auction team were able to source and auction the right equipment. Euro Auctions has attracted buyers from the Baltic States, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East through extensive marketing and trade in these regions is thriving at Euro Auctions.

At the last auction of the year by Euro Auctions in Dormagen, the leading auction house for Germany and Eastern Europe, used construction and agricultural machinery worth 14.5 million euros was sold in four days. In view of the still high level of market confidence in Germany, 3,500 units came under the hammer. The number of new registrations from first-time buyers at Euro Auctions increases with each auction, with 15% of new registrations in Dormagen bidding at this auction for the first time. The December 2022 auction was the largest auction of the year in Dormagen, up 40% on the October 2022 auction and 15% more than December 2021.

The year 2022 brought some challenges, with stock shortages being the biggest concern. However, at each auction in Dormagen, the Euro Auctions team has auctioned off between 3,000 and 3,500 lots of heavy earthmoving, construction and agricultural machinery, thereby surpassing itself.

The Euro Auctions team in Dormagen have a reputation for regularly purchasing machines in top condition with low hours, as well as new and unregistered machines, providing excellent stock for each auction. The international interest of potential buyers was correspondingly high, which meant that 76% of all bids were submitted via the online platform.

The main buyer region was Europe, with the Middle East consistently being the second most important region in terms of volume, while Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Romania and Belgium were the top buyer countries. A new buyer country in the last quarter of the year, which has not yet been represented at the Euro Auctions auctions in Dormagen, is the Ukraine. Online registration and purchase of earthmoving equipment and smaller excavators and generators. At the auction in Dormagen in December, Ukraine was ranked 9th among the highest bidders and 6th among the best-buying countries. It's not uncommon for buyers from global trouble spots to bid on equipment. In the case of Ukraine, where Russia is using supplies as a weapon,

Dimitrios Varfis, Sales Manager at Euro Auctions Germany, comments on the sales in 2022.

Euro Auctions Area Manager Germany Dimitrios Varfis explains why December sees the biggest sales of the year and why Euro Auctions Dormagen has become a proven and popular alternative to buying and selling machinery.

“Over the last 10 years, Euro Auctions has changed the attitude of sellers and buyers in Germany. Previously, buying and selling was mainly through the big OEMs, buying new machines in the market and trading in the used machines.” Auctions allow unused or excess inventory to be sold quickly and efficiently, and the prompt payout allows companies to quickly reinvest capital into their business. Euro Auctions offers a huge selection of makes and models of machinery at every sale, making it the best choice for machinery buyers. Above all, however, the company is known for bringing the best price to sellers and providing a safe and secure environment for buying used equipment.

“Euro Auctions' additional services include preparing reports on the machines if potential buyers cannot come to the sale in person and preparing all the shipping documents. In addition, Euro Auctions verifies the provenance of all equipment so that buyers can be sure that the machines they are bidding on are actually registered and that the sellers have been verified by Euro Auctions. I expect that buying and selling through auctions will be as popular in Germany over the next 5 years as the leading dealers in machinery, which will be a significant step forward for the industry.”

“For the past three years, December has been the busiest month of the year, with the highest number of lots sold and the highest prices. With German companies set to pay off their tax debts in the new year, December is a good month to auction off machinery, helping sellers trade iron for cash for their business. In addition, December is a month of "speculation" in the construction industry, with companies buying machinery for projects they may tackle in the first three months of the new year. With OEMs struggling to supply new machines in large quantities, auctions of used machines in good condition represent an optimal alternative and will continue to do so in the future.”

“What sold well in 2022? Everything is sold at Euro Auctions as the public sets the pace of the sale as all sales are unconstrained. Trenchers, telescopic handlers, dump trucks, bulldozers and smaller excavators up to 10 tons fetched the best prices towards the end of the year.

Top 10 Brands - Auctioned Inventory Categories

Below is an overview of the most popular machine brands auctioned at Euro Auctions in 2022 in the following categories:

telehandlers; rough terrain dump truck; backhoe loader; skid steer loader; wheel loader; mini excavators; excavators between 6 and 10 tons; excavators between 10 and 20 tons; Excavators over 20 tons.

Machines sold by the end of 2022

mini excavator                                                                              

2018 Komatsu PC35MR-3 rubber tracks, bucket, 1,180 hours, €25,000.

2012 Yanmar VIO25-4 Gummiketten, Schaufel, €14.000

2011 Yanmar VIO25-4 Gummiketten, Schaufel, Offset, €13.000

2013 Terex TC25 Gummiketten, Schaufel, Offset, €14.000

2021 CAT 301.6 Gummiketten, Schaufel, Offset, €23.500

Bagger über 6 Tonnen                                                                                                                      

2007 CAT 308C 600 mm Pads, Schaufel, €24.500

2014 Wacker Neuson 75Z3 Gummiketten, Schaufel, Offset, €24.500

2014 Volvo ECR88D Gummiketten, Schaufel, Offset, €25.000

2012 Volvo ECR88 Gummiketten, Schaufel, Offset, €27.000

2011 Volvo ECR88 Gummiketten, Schaufel, Offset, €19.000

Bagger über 10 Tonnen

2022 Sany SY135C 600 mm Pads, Löffel, Rückfahrkamera, Klimaanlage, €57.000

2017 CAT 313FLGC 700 mm Pads, Seiten- und Rückfahrkamera, Klimaanlage, €49.500

Bagger über 20 Tonnen

2014 CAT 324ELN 700 mm Pads, €49.000

2008 Komatsu PC228USLC-3E0 800 mm Pads, €24.500

2011 Hitachi ZX210LC-3 600 mm Ketten, Klimaanlage, €35.000


2013 CAT D6NLGP 6-fache klappbare PAT-Schaufel, €90.000

CAT D6NLGP 6-fache klappbare PAT-Schaufel, €35.000

2014 Liebherr LR634 Raupenlader, €49.500


2012 Ausa D600APG 6 Tonnen Drehbarer Muldenkipper, Überrollbügel, €11.500

2008 Barford SXR6000 6 Tonnen Drehbarer Muldenkipper, €10.250

2008 Barford SXR6000 6 Tonnen Drehbarer Muldenkipper, Überrollbügel, €10.250

2007 Barford SXR6000 6 Tonnen Drehbarer Muldenkipper, €9750

2008 Barford SXR6000 6 Tonnen Drehbarer Muldenkipper, Überrollbügel, €9500

Knickgelenkte Muldenkipper

2016 Komatsu HM400-5 6x6 Knickgelenkter Muldenkipper, Heckklappe, €99.000

2012 Doosan DA40 6x6 Knickgelenkter Muldenkipper, Heckklappe, €36.000

2009 CAT 740 6x6 Knickgelenkter Muldenkipper, €51.000

Volvo A25D 6x6 Knickgelenkter Muldenkipper, Klimaanlage, €31.000


2008 CAT 966H wheel loader, bucket, rear view camera, air conditioning, €56,000

2012 Hitachi ZW220LSD wheel loader, bucket, automatic greasing, €32,000

2007 Hitachi ZW220 wheel loader, bucket, air conditioning, €21,000

2017 Hitachi ZW180 TPD-6 Wheel Loader, QH, Automatic Lubrication, €34,500

2011 Case 721 FXT wheel loader, QH, bucket, €25,000

Mobile bags

2015 Komatsu PW180-10 Mobilbagger, €50.000

2012 CAT M313D mobile excavator, shovel, €68,000

1552 - 2008 Hitachi ZX140W-3 wheeled excavator, bucket, €28,000

1553 - 2017 Terex Schaeff TW110 mobile excavator, shovel, offset, €48,000

2014 Terex TW110 mobile excavator, shovel, offset, €40,000

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