Europe's leading auctioneers of construction and agricultural machinery expands into Denmark

Euro Auctions, Europe's leading auctioneers of industrial plant, construction and agricultural machinery, expands into Denmark with the appointment of Rasmus Kruse as the new Country Manager for Denmark and the region.

Euro Auctions are 'world leading' plant and machinery auctioneers, and a trusted partner for buying and selling industrial plant, construction and agricultural equipment throughout the world. Euro Auctions also specialises in 'off-site' auctions for such reasons as cessation of trading, retirement sales, or stock rotation sales.

With a network of nine permanent auction facilities around the globe, in the UK, Spain, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Australia and the USA, Euro Auctions is recognised as Europe's leading auction specialists, operating Europe's largest specialist permanent auction site in Leeds, in the UK, where over 5,000 lots are sold at each sale.

Now with Rasmus Kruse appointed as Country Manager in Denmark, the Euro Auctions experience is available to Danish buyers and sellers of heavy construction machinery and agricultural equipment. Rasmus Kruse, who resides on Lolland, will be working to expand the reach Euro Auctions have in Scandinavia, with Denmark as the first priority. Rasmus studied Agricultural Business Management at the university of Ohio, following which Rasmus remained in the USA working on an 8,000 Hectare arable farm in Kentucky. After his stint in the US, he qualified as an Agri Economist (Agrarøkonom) at Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business in Denmark, after finishing his studies, Rasmus joined DLG agricultural cooperative trading grain, before joining Søllested Maskinforretning and since Semler Agro, the John Deere dealership in Lolland/Denmark as part of the sales team.  

About Euro Auctions

Operating from eight permanent auction sites in seven countries, on four continents, Euro Auctions markets equipment to buyers and sellers in over 100 countries around the world. Euro Auctions conducts over 70 major unreserved auctions every year around the globe, working with over 6,000 regular vendors, marketing to over 150,000 loyal buyers at each sale, selling over 100,000 lots of heavy construction machinery, and agricultural equipment, with a value more than €550 million.  

With a global network of country managers and sales manager, in Europe, Euro Auctions has representatives 'on the ground' in Ireland, the UK, France, Benelux, Germany, Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and now Denmark. This network of representatives serves to provide vendors and buyers with an additional level of support in the country, and now with the appointment of Rasmus Kruse, that level of support is available to dealers and buyers in Denmark.

Excellent Service & Good Value

Auctions provide excellent service and good value to both buyers and sellers. No longer seen as a place to send low value items, clearing out the 'junk'. Since the global down turn in 2008, when OEMs stopped manufacturing new machines, auctions were the place where contactors, civils companies and hire specialists went to look for good, well maintained, late, low hours machines with which to replenish their stock. Today, the same holds true, with Covid affecting production of new machinery, and OEMs holding back 'stock', auctions can supply the demand of the market.

The experience of attending big plant and machinery sales, is like visiting a super dealership, or a 'one stop shop', where every make and model of machine or piece of equipment can be seen in one place, offering the buyer choice and access to any bit of kit the buyer may be searching for.

At all sales the makes and models on show range in years, varying in number of hours and number of owners, giving the buyer exceptional choice in one place, enabling buyers to find machines that match their budget. Now with robust online bidding platforms for all Euro Auctions sales, buyers around the globe have even more choice, and can participate in any one of the 70+ global sales each year. At the regular Euro Auctions sale in the UK, where over 5,000 plus pieces of exceptional equipment goes under the hammer over three days, one lot is sold every 20 seconds and a hammer of over €47 million is repeatedly achieved. Rental companies also have strong relationships with specialists like Euro Auctions repeatedly trusting the reach, the customer base and the marketing power to attract buyers who are prepared to pay decent prices for well-maintained stock, enabling them to raise funds to buy new, upgrading their inventory

Rasmus Kruse concludes, "The business model for buying construction and agricultural machinery in Denmark is the same as the German model, buying machinery brand new from specialist dealerships, and returning that machinery after three years, buying new and returning after another three years, and so on. The Euro Auctions auction in Dormagen, Germany has changed that thinking, with over 85% of buyers and vendors now coming from Germany and loyally returning to buy and sell, again, and again. That is what I will be introducing to the Danish market, and with the Dormagen sale just over the Danish border, I am sure there will be great interest."

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