Euro Auctions to Hold Off-Site Auction at AMATECHNICA in-house exhibition with AMAZONE

Euro Auctions are delighted to announce their partnership with AMATECHNICA for their upcoming off-site AMAZONE agricultural machinery auction based in Gaste, Germany on 23rd May at 1:30pm. This association will allow customers present at the exhibition to experience the thrill and flair of a global auction in person.

One of the highlights at AMATECHNICA 2024 is the fascination and the flair of an international machinery auction up close in Gaste. Euro Auctions have proudly been appointed to hold this auction as they have been described as ’possibly the best known auction house in the sector for this: Euro Auctions GmbH’.

The collaboration with Euro Auctions GmbH guarantees them, especially in the international environment of AMATECHNICA, a smooth and uncomplicated business transaction ensured by their years of experience in the implementation and execution of auctions in the high-quality, agricultural machinery sector.

Used machinery specialist Maik Winter has compiled a highly impressive offer of over 40 nearly new AMAZONE demonstration and exhibition machines. You will find an overview of the machines here.

Are you interested? Would you like to actively participate in the auction on 23rd May 2024 and leave with not only fantastic memories but also a real bargain? Then the way to successfully take part in the auction is quite simple. Just register here and bid with us live online or on-site.

Details on how to register for an auction can be found here.

If you would like anymore information, please contact Mathias Kühnel who will be happy to help.

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