New office in Abu Dhabi welcomes buyers and sellers to what is being heralded as Gulfs best auction site

As the Euro Auctions Group continues its global expansion, the opening of its new Middle East corporate headquarters in Abu Dhabi on the 24th June will attract a global audience of buyers and sellers of used construction machinery and commercial vehicles.

Euro Auctions operates auction sites for the disposal of construction equipment and commercial vehicles in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Canada and the USA and the new Gulf headquarters is the next step in that global expansion. Operating ‘live sales’ at all its bases around the globe, the Euro Auctions Group is the largest privately owned auction business in the world.

Expanding its operation by moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, with facilities for handling all aspects associated with the sale of heavy construction machinery and commercial vehicles.

Attracting vendors from across the Gulf, India, China and East Asia, the Abu Dhabi site attracts international sellers seeking a world audience. With online buying strong, it is still the preference of Middle East buyers to attend in person.

The top buying regions at all sales in the new Abu Dhabi site are: Saudi Arabia, East African nations, Qatar/UAE, USA, Europe.

With the appetite to be the biggest in the region, Richard Sweatt, Country Manager for the Middle East and Asia, comments.

“We are delighted to welcome the world to our new facility in Abu Dhabi. As a global business, Euro Auctions has experienced rapid growth in the last two years with expansion in North America with the acquisition of the Michener Allen group in Canada, the business now spans 4 continents, with auction sites in 8 countries, operating 12 sites and selling over 150,000 lots each year.”

“This new site and Middle East headquarters in the Khalifa Economic Zone in Abu Dhabi is pivotal to our expansion plans in EMEA and East Asia. We are planning 4 to 6 live sales per year on this site, specialising in the sale of high value construction machinery and commercial vehicles and Abu Dhabi provides us with the opportunity and the appetite to further develop within this region.”

“We are seeing the value of individual lots increasing at each sale and selling high value, quality units.  We are also seeing high-value packages of machines, from many new consignors as our customers see the benefits of selling with us. At recent sales, many items sold for more than $100,000, notably some bulldozers and dump trucks. There were also good 70t and 80t excavators that fetched high prices. We are also seeing good consignments coming from outside of the UAE to meet the demand for fresh and low hours machines that buyers in the region want.” 

“The Euro Auctions strength is in its network of sale sites and our teams of sales managers and country managers who are globally connected, attracting good consignors and vendors because of our ability to sell to a large global audience. With over 250,000 unique clients and selling into over 100 countries globally, we are able to attract a very serious buying audience.”

“In the last 6 months we have seen a huge upturn in interest from buyers coming to us for the first time, as well as an increase in the number of vendors using Euro Auctions who have never previously sold at auction before. So, this is a real testimony to the trust that sellers put in us to achieve the best price possible in a global market and Euro Auctions always achieves true markets value for the sellers equipment.”

“In Abu Dhabi we are seeing a changing audience, with buyers coming to us now, not just from the Middle East but from across Europe, Africa and East Asia and we are seeing trade coming from the America's and Canada. We are seeing new buyers and new sellers in volume at all our recent sales and the trend shows no sign of letting up.”

“We want sellers to sell with us, and we want buyers to buy from us because, not only do we offer some of the most competitive rates of commission in our sector, but we have one of the best facilities thus attracting the best machines and the best inventory for our buyers.”

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