Prices are STRONG at the first Euro Auctions sale of 2021 in Dormagen

Between the 3rd & 5th February, the first sale of 2021 at Euro Auctions, Dormagen, attracted an international audience from over 75 countries around the globe, indicating that the appetite for good used, late hours construction and agricultural machinery is as strong as ever despite Covid.

Having gained a reputation in central Europe as the premier auction to attend for excellent quality machinery, Euro Auctions, Dormagen, continues to attract loyal and returning consignors, as well as returning bidders and buyers, who repeatedly either buy in person at live sales, or online, proving Dormagen as a popular auction venue.

During this sale in February, prices were very strong in all categories of machinery, with Mini Excavators, 6t / 10t / 20t Excavators, Wheeled Excavators and Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders and Backhoe Loaders making above estimated valuations, which pleased consignors.

A total of 2766 lots of good quality machinery were bid on by over 1,700 bidders. Due to Covid, 89% of all bidding was online, and 90% of buying online, which is the highest online bidding activity in the history of this sale. Another statistic of this sale is that first time registrations, first time bidders and first-time buyers has been increasing, sale on sale.

Very much seen as a mid-European sale, vendors from 22 countries sent equipment to sell from Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, UK, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania. From outside Europe, sellers from the Middle East, Far East, North Africa and Australasia also participated. However, in terms of bidders almost the entire countries in Europe participated, in addition to buyers in North Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Kazakhstan, and India.

The final hammer for this sale was €7.2 million with 97% of all buyers from Europe. Germany, Poland and the Netherlands were the top buying countries at this sale. With prices continuing to be strong throughout 2020, bidders from 75 countries around the globe participated in the sale by registering to bid, with buyers from 42 countries successfully purchasing equipment.  

Erik Kortum, Euro Auctions Country Manager for Germany comments on recent events due to Covid.

"Whilst the Covid pandemic still is evident, and lockdown has continued, Euro Auctions have continued to support sellers at the Dormagen sale in Germany, by continuing to provide a platform where consignors can continue to sell. In the last 12 months the whole Euro Auctions network has continued to provide a platform for online sales and this has helped business sell equipment, putting money back into their businesses."

"Don’t forget to look at the Euro Auctions '24/7 Daily Marketplace' where you can sell your machinery, with buyers accessing the platform 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The 24/7 Daily Marketplace can be accessed via the Euro Auctions website at"

Contact Erik Kortum     T: 0491725714 987     E:[email protected]

The 'PRICE BOOK' – by Euro Auctions Dormagen – February 2021

An overview of some of the prices achieved at the recent July sale at Euro Auctions, Dormagen, across all categories includes the following:

Mini Excavators                                                                                                  

2014 Yanmar VIO50-U Rubber Tracks Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped - €21,500

2013 Yanmar VIO50-U Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Hydraulic Breaker - €22,000

2011 Yanmar VIO50-U Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, 2 Buckets - €18,000

2013 Volvo ECR48C Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, Bucket - €21,000

Excavators – 6t

2014 JCB 85Z-1 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, CV, QH, Piped, Aux. Piping, Bucket - €24,500

2011 Neuson 75Z3 Rubber Tracks, Blade, Offset, Bucket - €21,000

2006 CAT 307C Rubber Tracks, CV, QH, Piped, Aux. Piping, 3 Piece Boom - €20,500

Excavators – 20t

2013 Hyundai Robex R290LC-9 700mm Tracks, 14M Long Reach Boom - €62,500

2013 Hitachi ZX250LCN-5 600mm Pads - €42,500

2012 Volvo EC250DL 900mm Pads, CV, QH, Piped, Aux. Piping, 3 Piece Boom, AC - €46,500

2008 CAT 325D 800mm Pads,  Piped, Aux, Hydraulic Tilting Ditching Bucket, A/C - €41,000

Wheeled Excavators

2011 Fuchs MHL331 Wheeled Material Handler, Stabilisers, Hi Rise Cab - €45,500

2018 CAT M318F Wheeled Excavator, Blade, Stabilizers, Reverse Camera - €101,000

2009 CAT M318D Wheeled Excavator, Blade, 3 Piece Boom, Bucket - €56,500

2011 Hitachi ZX190W-3 Wheeled Excavator, 3 Piece Boom, Reverse Camera - €38,000

Wheeled Loaders

2007 Volvo L180E Wheeled Loader, Bucket, Auto Lube - €26,000

2019 JCB 407 Wheeled Loader, QH, Forks (Declaration of Conformity Available) - €35,000

2019 JCB 406 Wheeled Loader, QH, Bucket (Declaration of Conformity Available) - €34,000

2015 Kramer 750  Wheeled Loader, QH, Bucket, Forks - €25,000

2014 Kramer 750  Wheeled Loader, QH, 4in1 Bucket, Forks - €23,000

Skid Steer Loaders  

CAT 257B Tracked Skidsteer Loader, Piped, Bucket & Forks - €12,500

2015 CAT 246D Skidsteer Loader, Piped, Bucket, Forks, Full Cab, A/C - €17,000

2018 CAT 236D Skidsteer Loader, Piped, Bucket, Reverse Camera - €23,500

2018 CAT 236D Skidsteer Loader, Piped, Bucket, Reverse Camera - €23,500

2015 Bobcat S100 Skidsteer Loader, Piped, Bucket & Forks - €13,000


2008 Manitou MT1840R Telehandler, Joystick Controls, Sway, Forks, WLI - €30,000

2011 JCB 535V-140 Turbo Powershift Telehandler, Forks, WLI - €24,500

2008 Manitou MT1436  Turbo Telehandler, Joystick Controls, Forks, WLI - €20,000

2006 Manitou MT1440 Turbo Telehandler, QH, WLI, Bucket & Forks - €20,500

Backhoe Loader

Case 851EX-SS 4WD Turbo Backhoe Loader, 4in1 Bucket - €34,500

2012 JCB 3CX ECO Turbo Powershift Backhoe Loader, Extendahoe, 4in1 Bucket - €33,500

2006 Komatsu WB97S-5 Powershift Backhoe Loader, 4 in 1 Bucket, Forks - €19,000

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