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Daily Marketplace

Introducing a new way to buy with Euro Auctions. Buy equipment every day at competitive Buy Now prices or negotiate with Make an Offer options.

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To Make an Offer or Buy Now on Marketplace you will need to:

1. Sign in or create an online account

Sign into your online account or create a free online account, it is quick and easy to do.

2. Make an Offer / Buy it Now

To submit an offer or buy instantly navigate to Marketplace and select the item you are interested in. If the Buy it Now option is available click the button and confirm your purchase at the items set price.

If you wish to enter an offer, submit the amount in the box marked Make an offer and click submit. Please note you can only enter an amount in the designated currency. The end date for last offers can be found beside each listing. Items can be sold before an end date if an offer is accepted. You will be notified within 24 hours if your offer has been accepted or declined.

3. Invoice

If your offer is accepted or if you have chosen the buy it now price, you will be issued an invoice. All invoices must be paid in advance before goods can be collected. Please note all invoices include a buyers commission of 10% on the first £2000 (€2500 in Dormagen) or lower and 2.5% on the balance.

VAT* is charged on the TOTAL Price (Offer / Buy it Now Price + Buyers Commission)

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