Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Onsite Registration

How do I register as a first time bidder?

Please read here for all registration requirements.

What methods do you accept for deposits?

  • Online Payment
  • Cash – acceptable on auction day - subject to Money Laundering Regulations (currencies accepted: Sterling, Euro, Australian Dollars, US Dollars, Dirham)
  • Personal Debit Card –acceptable on auction day (no transaction fee)
  • Bank Transfer – must be received before a bidder number can be assigned. Please see bank details below.

Please Note: Credit Card or Business Debit Cards are no longer accepted! *

Is there a Buyer's commission charge?

Yes. The standard rate buyers commission for each location is detailed below.

UK Auctions: 10% on the first £4,500 or lower and 2.5% on the balance where applicable is added to all Hammer Prices per lot.

German Auctions: 10% on the first €4,500 or lower and 2.5% on the balance where applicable is added to all Hammer Prices per lot.

Spanish Auctions: 10% on the first €4,500 or lower and 2.5% on the balance where applicable is added to all Hammer Prices per lot.

Australian Auctions: 10% on the first $5000 or lower and 5% on the balance where applicable is added to all Hammer Prices per lot.

USA Auctions: 10% on the first $2,500 or lower and 3.9% on the balance where applicable is added to all Hammer Prices per lot.

What do I need, if I am already registered?

Please read here for all registration requirements.

I can't make it, but I would like someone to bid on my behalf. Is this possible?

Yes, however, we need a letter/email from the director of the company authorising us to allow another representative to bid on your behalf. You can also place a Pre-bid or use Euro Auctions Free Online Bidding Service. Both these options require the bidder to be registered for the auction.

Online Registration

How long does the Registration process take?

The registration process is extremely quick. Please provide as much detail as possible when registering and try to use your company name if you have purchased with us before.

Are my obligations the same as an Internet Bidder as a floor bidder?

Yes. The Terms and Conditions you agree to during the ‘Free Internet Bidding’ registration process are substantially the same as those you agree to when you register in-person at a Euro Auctions auction. 

Can I use my Internet Bidder number to bid on the floor?

No. Your Internet bidder number can only be used for Internet bidding. You do not receive your Internet bidding number as it is only used internally to identify you as an online bidder and the Internet clerk bids on your behalf. If you attend the auction in person you still need to register at the counter and receive your catalogue and bidder number.

Does registering to bid onsite automatically register me to bid online?

Customers approved to bid on site will automatically be approved to bid online using a temporary Bidder Number & PIN printed in their catalogue. Customers who have registered online with an existing Username will automatically be approved to bid once issued with an on-site bidding number.

Do I retain the same Internet Bidder number for each auction?

No, you will be assigned a new bidder number for each auction. 

What is the ‘Credit Limit’ and why do I need to set one?

Your "Credit Limit" is an amount you choose and it is the maximum amount of total purchases you can make in any single Euro Auctions sale. We ask you to set this credit limit as a personal protection measure for yourself. By setting a credit limit, you can protect yourself from purchasing more than you had intended. Please note you will not be able to bid above your credit limit. You can request an increase, a further deposit may be required. 

How do I change my ‘Credit Limit’?

You can increase or decrease your credit limit for any auction via the website in the "My Account" section. Please be aware that a further deposit may be required. 


Why do I need to provide contact details in order to register for the auction?

During the auction, Euro Auctions may need to contact you regarding any purchases you have made or to approve you to bid online. If Euro Auctions are unable to contact you at the number you provided, Euro Auctions reserves the right to not approve you as a bidder online until such time that you can be reached.

If there is more than one ramp running simultaneously do I need to register for both?

No. A single registration process is in place, which ensures that you are registered and approved for all ramps. Terms & Conditions regarding deposits remain the same.

Currency, Deposits & Payment

How can I tell what currency the auction is being conducted in?

The currency is displayed with each item and the auction site page displays what currency the auction will be in.

How do I know if I am required to submit a deposit? How do I submit the deposit?

When you register to bid with Euro Auctions your details are verified against our customer database. Your transaction history determines whether a deposit is required. If a deposit is required you will be emailed, the minimum deposit is £/€/$ 1,000 which allows a credit limit of £/€/$ 10,000 - a £5,000 deposit equals a £25,000 credit limit, a £10,000 deposit equals a £50,000 credit limit. If you require a higher credit limit then a further 10% of your projected spend will be required. You will then be provided with instructions on ways to pay the deposit to Euro Auctions. Please ensure your deposit is received at least 48 hours prior to auction. If we have not received your deposit, you will not be able to bid online in the auction. Please note that all wire transfer fees incurred by you to send your deposit to Euro Auctions are at your own expense.

If you submitted a deposit in another currency (unless a request is received) then you will have your deposit returned in the base currency the auction was conducted in.

If I do not purchase any lots – will my deposit be automatically returned?

Funds will be released typically the following Monday, but can be released earlier on request. 

How do I know which lots I have purchased online?

During the bidding process you will hear the auctioneer indicating that the ‘Internet’ is the high bidder and he will ask for the bidder number from the Internet clerks. Confirmation of winning bids is only upon the receipt of a buyers invoice at the end of the auction. 

How do I pay for lots that I have purchased online?

Payment for items purchased using the ‘Free Internet Bidding’ service is handled in the same manner as a Pre-bid. You will be emailed an Invoice for your purchases. Please note that purchase summary does not include applicable administrative fees, purchase fees or taxes. The invoice emailed to you at the completion of the sale will include all applicable fees and taxes.

I have bid on the wrong lot and won. What are my options if I no longer wish to purchase this lot?

Euro Auctions understand that mistakes may happen and Euro Auctions may have the opportunity to re-sell the lot again, if notified quickly. Otherwise you will be required to pay for the lot and you have the option of re-consigning the lot to the next auction either at that location or one of our other auction sites. Please note you will have to pay any applicable fees.

In what currencies can I make payment?

Payment for items purchased in the auction are made in the currency in which the auction is being conducted.



Can I collect lots I have purchased on the day of the auction?

Usually it is requested that lots are not collected any earlier than the Monday morning following the auction.

Money Laundering

What are the limits?

£7,000/ €9,000/ $10,000 any payments larger than these amounts will require:

  • Photographic ID
  • 2 Utility Bills
  • Certificate of Incorporation / VAT Registration Certificate.

(All of the above requirements have to match with the address on your invoice)

Computer Requirements

System Requirements


Computer Processor 2 GHz or better

4GB RAM or greater

Windows 10 or higher version of windows, and Apple Mac OS

Microsoft Edge / Safari / FireFox / Chrome

Mobile Devices

Android 11.0 or greater

Apple: IOS 15 or greater

* Pease note: Anti-Virus - Customers should ensure they have up to date Anti-Virus software on their device

Free Internet Bidding Service

Is the ‘Free Internet Bidding’ service available for all Euro Auctions locations?

The Euro Auctions ‘Free Internet Bidding’ service is available at each of our permanent sites, as well as at any off-site locations in which we conduct an auction, unless otherwise stated.

Can I bid on all auction items online?

In the majority of cases all items are available for online bidding. Please check with the online catalogue in advance of the auction to determine which items can be sold online.

Please also note some late consignments (‘A’ lots) may not be available online.

Is the System secure?

Yes. Euro Auctions use leading industry standard web and email security software to protect its network and the privacy of its customer’s details. Please treat your user details as you would your Bank details and do not write them down or disclose to others.

Is there a charge for using the service?

No. The service is free to use. 

What does ‘Choice’ mean and how does it work?

Euro Auctions frequently sell lots on a choice basis, i.e. similar lots are grouped together and offered to the bidders. The auctioneer commences bidding on the entire group and if you are successful you have a short time to choose which of the lots you wish to purchase. By default the online bidding system selects the first item numerically. You must select at least one other lot before deselecting the first lot if you do not wish to purchase the first lot. 

You can choose to purchase all of the lots in the group if you are the high bidder.


I am exporting to a non-EU country do I still need to pay the VAT?

Yes, however upon receipt of Bills of Lading, VAT will be refunded.

I am registered for VAT in the EU do Euro Auctions need any documentation to prove my VAT validity?

Yes, on receipt of a Certificate of Incorporation/VAT Registration Certificate. We also require proof that lots have been exported to another country. Proof of export must come from a third party such as: Shipping Certificate, CMR, Haulage Invoice or Re-Registration document.


Can I view the Catalogue Online?

Yes, the catalogue can be viewed during the auction week.

How do I know what lots are being sold on which day?

An Order of Sale is available on the homepage of our website during auction week.

Online Bidding

How do I know if I have everything setup correctly to allow me to bid online?

Please ensure you have followed our ‘How-to Bid Online’ guide and if you are still unable to view or hear the auction please contact our office.

Do I follow the auctioneer when bidding online?

No. The key to bidding on the Internet is to bid based on the value displayed in your bid button. While the audio is helpful and generally synchronized with your bid button, it's important to focus on the value displayed in your bid button, as this is the amount that is submitted to the auctioneer. For example, if you click on the bid button when it reads £10,000, you are submitting a bid for £10,000, regardless of what you hear the auctioneer say. Please note the bidding process is fast paced.

How do I know if my bid has been accepted by the auctioneer?

If your bid is accepted you will see “You Are ” displayed in the "High Bidder" field and the message field will display you as high bidder. Your bid button will also be disabled so you cannot bid against yourself and the text "You Are High Bidder" will be inside the button. Please note you are not the only person bidding online and another Internet buyer can bid against you! If your bid button becomes enabled again but you see Internet buyer in the high bidder it is because another online user has outbid you! If a bidder onsite is successful you will see "Floor" displayed in the "High Bidder" field.

I cannot automatically enter a bid at the start. Why not?

In the early stages of the auction of a lot, the asking price can change very rapidly. When you click on your bid button, it's possible that many other bidders (both in-person and on the Internet) were also placing bids and of course only one bid at any amount can be accepted. You should have plenty of time to get your bid in as the auctioneer begins to slow down prior to selling the lot. 

Additionally you may accidentally enter a bid at the start which is extremely high and no one else bids against you so you end up with a lot costing you more than it was worth!

If I am the High Bidder am I protected against raising my own bid?

Your Bid button will be disabled so you cannot bid against yourself and the text "You Are High Bidder" will be inside the button. If your bid button becomes enabled again but you see Internet buyer in the high bidder it is because another online user has outbid you! If a bidder onsite is successful you will see "Floor" displayed in the "High Bidder" field. 

Can I withdraw my bid after I submit it?

No. All bids submitted using the ‘Free Internet Bidding’ service are final and irrevocable. When you click the bid button you are submitting a binding bid in the amount displayed in the bid button to the auctioneer. If you are the high bidder and the auctioneer sells the lot to you, you are the new owner of the lot. So, if you do not intend to buy the item, do not click your bid button.

What happens if I accidentally click on the ‘bid’ button?

When you activate your bid button, you are signaling your intention to bid. If you activate your bid button and then click your bid button, you are submitting an irrevocable bid.

How do I choose which lot I want from a ‘Choice’ lot?

In case of a Choice group, Please note: If you are the high bidder on a Choice group, the auctioneer will sell you the lots and by default the first lot is selected and he will give you a short opportunity to buy any or all of the additional lots remaining in the Choice Group at the current sold price. If you do not wish to purchase the first lot you must select another lot in the group and deselect the first lot. You need to do this before you start bidding. Any remaining lots not selected are re-opened to the floor for bidding by others.

What does the message ‘Credit Limit Exceeded’ mean?

Once the amount displayed in your bid button plus the amount of purchases you have made exceeds your credit limit, your bid button is disabled and your bid status indicator will display "Credit Limit Exceeded". Once the "Credit Limit Exceeded" message displays, you will not be able to place any more bids until you change your credit limit by contacting our office.

Can I submit a Pre Bid as well as bidding online?

You can, but we advise that you exercise caution if you elect to do this. We advise that you do not start to bid using the ‘Free Internet Bidding’ software until the price the auctioneer is calling is one bid increments above the maximum price you specified on your Pre bid. 

What happens if I lose my Internet connection during the auction?

As with all technology, the Internet is not 100% reliable. From time to time, you may experience Internet disconnections while you're logged into the auction. If this happens, re-establish your connection as quickly as possible, and re-launch the ‘Free Internet Bidding’ software from the website homepage by clicking on ‘Bid Now’ button.

If you were actively bidding when you were disconnected and you were the high bidder at that point it is likely that you will be outbid. If not then the lot will be sold to you.

How do I bid on 2 ramps at the same time?

To bid on more than one ramp at the same time has the same requirements as if you were bidding on 2 separate auctions. You can view and listen to both ramps on the same computer. An option is available to toggle between the ramps for the audio. You can use the same Username & Password to login however. Single Registration ensures you are already registered for the entire auction.

Auction Results

How do I find out how much lots sold for in an auction?

Results from the auction and previous auctions are posted online 5 weeks after the auction. To access this service click on the ‘Past Results’ link at the top of this page. 

How can I get more information about a particular lot during the auction or post auction?

You can access additional information about any lot in the sale by clicking on the "View Catalog" link beside the appropriate auction on the auction calendar. Select the lot range you are interested in, and additional images of the lots are then displayed on your screen. You can do this while viewing the auction. For selected lots, digital pictures are also available post auction and can be emailed to you upon request.

Collection of Goods

When can I collect my goods?

Goods must be paid for in full before any items can be removed from the auction yard.

What are your opening hours?

Please check opening hours for each site here.

Does my haulier/driver need any documentation?

Buyers must inform hauliers of buyer number and/or lot numbers.

Registration Documents

I bought lots with no registration documents, how can I get documents?

If documents were not sold with the vehicle, then the onus is on the new buyer to obtain them. 


What are the terms of payment?

Full Payment must be received within 7 working days.

I am arranging finance; can you invoice the finance company? If so, when can I collect my goods?

Yes, we can raise the invoice to the finance company; collection of goods will be upon receipt of payment from the finance company.

If I wish to pay in a different currency, what exchange rates are applied?

Exchange rates are dependent on the day of payment (which may differ from those on auction day). Please contact the office for an up-to-date rate.

Mailing List

I have changed my company name, can I create another account under my new details?

Yes, full company information is required, alongside required documentation such as Certificates of Incorporation, VAT Registration Certificates, Utility Bill etc.

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