Collection of Goods

Once cleared funds have been received for all lots on the invoice, collection can be arranged.

Where a third party has been organised to collect lots, please ensure that they are aware of the lot numbers being collected and the relevant buyer number. It may be necessary to contact the auction site with haulage/shipment details.

For all lots being exported outside of the sale country, third party proof of delivery must be received immediately after shipment.

Acceptable proof of delivery:

  • Haulage Invoice
  • Shipping Invoice
  • Bill of Lading (original needed)
  • CMR (original needed)
  • Customer Declaration (European Union buyers at Dormagen auctions only)

For exporting purposes, please be advised that VAT is charged on the hammer price and is to be paid prior to shipment. Any VAT paid on the hammer price will be refunded once Euro Auctions receives the necessary export documents.

Buyers are liable for any additional costs involved in preparing lots for shipment.

A loading ramp is available on all sites and Euro Auctions staff are available to assist with loading.

Please check the auction sites opening times here.


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